Need your parts anodized?
Billet Metal Craft has you covered.  From drawing to the shelf - we work with plating companies to deliver finished parts to you!



Quality manufacturing to meet your needs

Great prices on large run orders, Billet Metal Craft is the place for your product.

Aluminum, stainless steel, titanium,, plastics - let us know what your next work project is!


And more!

As the automotive world pushes for brand new cars - some still like to drive their glorious classics. Do you specialize in restoration products? We can help keep you and your customers on the road!

Billet Metal Craft has been one of the leading developers in reproduction hard to find automotive parts.

- Surface grinding
- Precision fit assemblies
- Custom Engraving
- 3D contour milling

Do you have a product under development?  We can bring your concept to reality.  We can even help with the design.  Do you need a replacement for a part that is no longer available?  We can help you.  Do you have a design that you want to put into production?  We have the ability to make it work and to streamline the process.

Just some of what we do:

  • One-off Custom Parts
  • Custom Molds
  • Engraving