We stock a few custom products which you can purchase below. For your own product or custom projects please contact us today!


George Nelson Omni Wall System Mounting Hook

This is the part that is more prone to failure. If you only need the hook, you can order it separately here.

$40 each

$21 each

Shipping within US is included in the price. Please contact us for international shipping arrangements.

$25 each

EPX Terrashark Extended Shock Mount

This mount allows you to run a 184x44mm or 190x51mm rear shock for longer travel. When you do this upgrade you should also run a longer fork. Fork travel of 120mm or longer is recommended.




7/24/2019 - Omni hardware is sold out.

EPX  Terrashark long shock mounts are available in limited quantity.

George Nelson Omni Wall System Mounting Hardware

These are reproduction CNC machined aluminum mounting pieces for the mid-century George Nelson Omni wall system cabinets. These are much stronger than the original plastic pieces that are extremely rare.

You will receive one set: one hook and one receiver. Includes t nuts.

EPX Derailleur Hangers - Silver
This hanger is a stronger replacement for the stock one.  We CNC mill it from 7075 billet aluminum.

It looks different from the original because we
added some material to make it more durable.
Note that these will fit the Terrashark, Reef and the Proton T-Bolt.